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Second Chance can only exist because people donate their new and used items to us. We are continually searching for new or gently used items which can be sold in the thrift store. One hundred percent of the income from Second Chance goes toward achieving the mission of AFDA.

Examples of items which are useful to Second Chance include:

– clothes in good condition, but which have gone out of fashion
– clothes in good condition, which your children have outgrown
– household items such as kitchenware, crockery, utensils, clean bedding, clean towels, etc.
– undamaged movie DVDs and music CDs
– used books in good condition


If your retail store is moving, closing, or liquidating items before seasonal change, please contact us. We are glad to take unwanted stock off your hands.

Please contact us before dropping off large quantities of items.

Also, we can come and collect your donated items if they are in sufficient quantity and quality to warrant the journey, so please contact us!