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Our Partners

The cost of providing services for children with autism and other disabilities is much higher than the educational costs of a typical school due to the complex needs of our children and their families as well as a need for intensive therapies. We maintain a ratio in the classroom of 1 special educator for every 4 students, and 1 adult for every 2 students. Most of our students are from low income communities, and there are no government subsidies to cover these expenses.

The financial obligations of AFDA are met through the generosity of our partners and the faithfulness of God who blesses our steps of faith and obedience. We are so grateful for the partnership of individuals, foundations, and companies who value children with disabilities by helping us to serve them and their families.

Although not a complete list, we do wish to thank the following partners for their financial donations, donations-in-kind, and for their encouragement, love and prayers:

The Hans Foundation

Thrive Global Consulting

Nora Solomon FoundationNora Solomon Foundation

Black Rock

Christian Educational Society

as well as many individuals, families, and others who graciously give “so their giving may be in secret” (Matthew 6:3-4, the Bible).

We invite you to consider becoming a partner with AFDA. Please see the following link to learn how to make a contribution.