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Our children have special needs which require people with certain backgrounds and experience in special education. If you have such experience and are willing to consider volunteering your services, either short-term, or long-term, please contact us.

Beyond the classroom, there are many different ways a person can volunteer to serve AFDA. Some possibilities include:
– administrative help in the office
– graphic design to create brochures and promotional materials
– website management and newsletter development
– social media management
– teach new vocational skills
– advocacy for AFDA and for work among the disabled

We welcome the contribution of college interns, retired adults, volunteer teams, or anyone else willing to lend a hand. Please know, however, that for anyone who could be directly involved with students, we will perform a thorough background check including a complete verification of references. The safety of our students is highest priority.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss volunteer opportunities.