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The Ashish Foundation is committed to equipping young adults with disabilities to be fellow contributors to society. Our Ankur programme provides vocational training for young adults above the age of 18.  The main emphasis of the vocational training is learning a variety of work skills and work behaviours such as communicating, relating with people, and working in a group.

In addition to having an employable future, we want adults with disabilities to experience a fulfilling life. Ankur’s holistic curriculum also emphasises the development of valued social roles in the community, including hobbies and interests that can be shared with others who do not have disabilities. Of particular importance are skills related to forming relationships and growing friendships. We also address activities of daily living such as shopping, cooking, and travelling that will increase independence. As much as possible, we help our students develop these skills in authentic and meaningful situations. 

Partner with us! Several of our programme graduates are gainfully employed, which is a valued social role. We want to see more step into the workforce! We are keen on partnering with businesses who wish to employ individuals with autism and other disabilities.

For information about your young adult enrolling at Ankur, or explore options to employ our students, please contact us.