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Do you want to grow in your understanding of disability or autism?  Are you new to these issues and seeking someone to guide you?  The Ashish Foundation provides mentoring and training to both parents and educators in the field of autism and other disabilities. We are keen on supporting others who serve people with disabilities, and we are available to mentor schools and non-profits across India.  We want to provide practical tools as well as helping others develop a worldview in which people with disabilities are valued and respected.

Do you know someone in your community or family who is differently abled?  Would you like to learn how to support them in order to live a better life?  We provide consultation for parents and families about how they can best support and serve anyone in their family or community who is differently abled.

Are you keen to raise awareness about disability?  For people with disabilities to live a full and good life, change needs to happen at every level of society.   Along with other like-minded groups throughout India, we are advocates on issues of disability.  We are willing to mentor and train others who seek to create a greater awareness across our country so that individuals with disabilities can have the opportunity to participate in society.

Please contact us if you have any questions about training or mentoring opportunities in your area or with your organisation.