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Advay is AFDA’s training arm for families, professionals, practitioners, community members, colleges, and any other group who desires to grow in their engagement with people with autism and other disabilities.

For Parents:  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in raising happy and healthy children who will grow up to lead good and full lives.  We offer a wide variety of trainings for parents, covering topics such as child development, play, coping with sensory challenges, communication, motivation, and understanding disability.  We want you to understand your child more deeply so you can help him or her face life’s challenges and embrace life’s opportunities.

For Professionals:  Knowledge and skills about autism and disability are not only for special educators!  Class teachers, direct support workers, and other service providers also play a key role in supporting individuals with autism and other disabilities.  We want to make sure people with disabilities receive the best support possible by training special educators and other professionals in best practices.

For Students and Interns:  If you are pursuing special education as a career, you play a key role in helping students become participating members of society.  We offer internships to individuals who are pursuing D.Ed. or B.Ed in Special Education (ASD/IDD), or to those who have completed the course and are seeking practical hands-on experience working with students.  

For the Community:  We also provide awareness workshops to sensitise families, community members, colleges and other institutions.  Our desire is that they become aware of people with disabilities, especially people with autism, so they can engage with them, include them, and open up doors for them to become mutual contributors to society.

Contact us for more information upcoming trainings and workshops, to schedule a training, or to set up an internship.