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Sneh Sadan

At AFDA, we believe that every child is created in the image of God, and we allow that belief to shape and direct our decisions. Therefore, when we realized there were very poor, differently abled children living near to the Ashish Centre, we knew we could not neglect them. Sneh Sadan (Hindi for “house of friendship”) encompasses our effort to reach out to the poorest of children with disabilities, and to their families. Originally, we considered the program to be an independent endeavour in AFDA. However, in March 2013, we incorporated it into the Ashish Centre project in order to provide a more holistic education for these students. Even so, we list Sneh Sadan separately here because the students and their families do have unique needs related to their particular station in life and community. In addition, these are the ones who are most in need of financial help to cover the cost of the services AFDA provides to them.

All Sneh Sadan students receive the same level of services as every other student at the Ashish Centre.