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Shanti joined the Ashish Foundation in 2008 at the age of 8. From the first, she was engaged in destructive behaviours. She refused to sit in class. She would not eat her food. She fought the teachers and the other students. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, Shanti pulled things down from shelves. When not engaged in destructive behaviours, she simply slept during class. She was able to use the bathroom independently, but the teachers never allowed her to go alone for fear that she would eat the soap or cleansers found in the bathroom. In short, she required constant vigilance.

Today, Shanti is almost like a different person. She no longer fights with others. She actively participates in group activities. She pays attention during class, and does the work assigned to her. She no longer eats soap or glue, and has control over the vast majority of destructive behaviours she once exhibited. She likes to roller skate and run outside, and loves music and dancing. She is able to verbally communicate her basic needs. She also does good bead work and makes jewelry in Ankur, the vocational unit. We look forward to seeing other skills emerge as she learns and grows.