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Our Partners

We could not serve our students and their families with excellence without the participation of our partners!  To provide adequate support to our students we maintain a high teacher-to-student ratio (1 special educator for every 4 students, 1 adult for every 2 students).  We also include a variety of therapies according to their needs.  This means there is a significant cost per student.

The actual cost would be prohibitive for most families, especially low-income families, were it not for the generosity of our financial partners.  We are so grateful for the partnership of individuals, foundations, and companies who value children with disabilities by helping us to serve them and their families.

Although not a complete list, we do wish to thank the following partners for their financial donations, donations-in-kind, and for their encouragement, love and prayers, as well as many individuals, families, and others who graciously give “so their giving may be in secret.”

  • Black Rock
  • Christian Educational Society
  • Nora Solomon Foundation
  • Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST)
  • Thrive Global Consulting

If you also value people with disabilities and desire to see them live fulfilling lives and participate in society, we invite you to consider becoming a partner with AFDA, joini. Please click here to learn how to make a contribution.