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Arvind joined the Ashish Foundation in 2008 when we were still located at our old campus. His family lived near to the old campus, and were very happy to find a school where their son could receive services. However, when the Ashish Foundation shifted to Dwarka in 2009, Ekka’s family decided the new campus was too far away. They had him admitted to a different school that also supposedly served children who are “differently abled,” and was located close to their home.

In 2012, Arvind’s family finally re-enrolled him at the Ashish Foundation. For 3 years, they had tried other schools. Each one stated that they had services for children with special needs. None did. Time and again, Arvind has been put in a regular classroom, seated at a desk, and told to complete that day’s “typical” academic work.

Arvind had many behavioural problems in the early days, but they have greatly improved during his time with us. Unlike many of our students, Arvind responds positively not just to the teachers and aides, but in many diverse social settings that usually disturb persons with autism. Originally, Arvind could only make sounds and grunts, and he cried constantly, but now he communicates using words one-by-one. He is attentive to and participates in group activities. Arvind also loves to roller skate. Arvind is only 11 years old, so he is still too begin learning skills in the vocational unit, but we have great hopes for him. He has grown so much since we first met  him. We know he has much farther to go!