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Anuj is 16 years old. He has been a student at the Ashish Foundation even longer than we have been at our current location!

When Anuj first became a student at the Ashish Foundation, our school campus was located closer to the centre of Delhi. However, in 2009, we shifted to our present location in Dwarka. Anuj’s family decided that the new location was simply too far from their house, so they would enroll him in a different school. For over 3 years, Anuj’s family tried to find a suitable school near to their house. He was admitted to a main stream school, but they were not able to serve his needs. They never found one. In 2013, they re-enrolled Anuj in the Ashish Foundation, in spite of the distance.

Anuj has autism. He is non-verbal and communicates through grunts and other sounds. Anuj also struggles with behavior problems. Early on, he had little self control. Sitting still was very difficult for him. After much work, the teachers finally taught him to sit still, but then he began to simply fall asleep.

Today, Anuj’s behaviour can still be difficult, but the problems are different from the early days. These days, he sits still without falling asleep, but he is struggling with new behaviour issues. He participates in the Ankur, the vocational unit, everyday making handicrafts. We can happily report that Anuj has some emerging skills because of the work he does at Ankur. We believe those skills will continue to grow through the close guidance and instruction he receives there each day.